Thursday, 22 July 2010

W is for...

Weasels plotting world domination!

Here's my offering for the ABC book. There's only so much you can really do with W and I've always been interested in both megalomania and tubular furry creatures so it seemed apt. I'm in need of opinions because I've not yet shown this to anyone who doesn't love me enough to just say 'oh yes that's wonderful darling, aren't you clever' instead of something constructive so please do your worst my illustrative comrades.

There's several things that worry me but the main one is can you actually tell what's going on in the main image? Are the cultural references obvious enough (or too obvious?!)? Also, I'm not sure there's enough depth and so I may not be apparent that the viewer is looking down onto the map from a gallery where the control panel is situated. I think once again this image has lost something in translation from the original sketch to the colour version so I've attached the sketch along with the outlines and colour (which were done separately and then layered digitally) so you can make up your own mind. There's still time to change it!


  1. Elys - I love it. It is really clear and obvious what is going on and you definitely get the feeling of looking down. Well done. I am very envious!! I also really like the W with the two weasels, it made me laugh which is always a good thing in my world. Hooray!

  2. OH my god! I love it!!!
    I'm so afraid of weasels now... XD

  3. Thank you for your kind words people :)
    They're coming to get you Marta! Mwahahaha!

  4. I really really love it world domintion is obviously on the cards for you my dear! Super fabuous and no im not just saying that!! you can really see clearly what is going on in the image and it all makes sense and i laughed out loud and showed Steve as you do with your other half when somethng is partiularly good!!!!!! :) x