Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Class photo

Now that I have a selection of monsters I decided they needed a recognisable cultural structure to inhabit. Recently I've spent a bit of time at the wonderful Carlton Hill Primary School in Brighton under the supervision of the brilliant, generous and beautiful Mrs Cloke so I decided upon a primary school as my establishment of choice (yeah, that's what I was doing hanging about your classroom). As a result of this train of thought, here's the first inklings of class 3.

 Also, I'm devastated to see that my font of choice has been removed from the options. I'm having to use trebuchet instead, it's such a hard life.


  1. Love how the elephant-thing is so casually swiping the pig-thing's insects :P great expression! Also loving that scaly monkey

  2. Also the two in the middle having a fight over the ruler. You can tell you've been getting some direct reference!!

  3. I love this! It is really interesting to look at. My kids love things with lots of stuff going on so that each time they examine it they discover something different. The monsters are full of character as well. Makes me want to see more!