Saturday, 6 October 2012

Interuption of normal service: Website Down!

People of the world! I'm sorry to have to tell you my website,, is out of action while I change hosts and try and convince my current one to transfer my domain name. For now though if you want to see my online portfolio you can go to where I've put up some of my doodling for you to peruse. 

The new website will be amazing once it's up and it'll include this guy: 

I bet you can't wait.


  1. Elys
    Did you know that if you change hosts you don't necessarily need to transfer your domain name? You can leave the domain name where it is but point it to the place where your new website is. But probably by now you're well into the process......
    Adrian (Nosy Crow)

  2. Hi Adrian. Thanks for letting me know. I did know I could have done something along those lines but my previous host has been pretty substandard (terrible customer service) I don't really want to to have to deal with them any more. Yeah it is too late to turn back now so hopefully it'll be resolved soon. Currently they're ignoring my emails and failing to give me my EPP code so heads are going to roll on monday.