Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Where I work.

A little while ago I wrote a post for the Nosy Crow blog as part of their series 'Where I work' about the workspaces of their authors and illustrators. I've replicated it here for your reading pleasure.

When I’m writing or illustrating I’m wisely banished to the shed in the garden so that the other occupants of my house are not bothered by the occasional shouts of ‘mwaha! I am a picturebook genius!’ when I think things are going well or the sound of gentle weeping when things are not.

If I’m honest it is a fairly palatial shed and the weeping is only very occasional. I have tidied my desk (yes this is tidy) for the sake of this blog because if my mother sees it in its usual paper and cake crumb covered state I’ll be in trouble. As you can see I have various essentials surrounding me such as the ubiquitous flashy laptop and graphics tablet, many hundreds of coloured pencils and mini henry hover. It is also important to note that in an arrangement that I believe conforms strongly to the rules of feng shui the tea point is directly behind me so I don’t need to get out of my swively chair to concoct a hot beverage.

Essential to the creative process as all this is it pales in comparison to having certain friends and supporter around to aid me. Before I continue I think it’s important to point out that authors and illustrators inevitably spend a lot of time alone and essentially make stuff up for a living. Therefore, firstly you can go many hours without seeing a real person and secondly I dare anyone to live this lifestyle without becoming a little odd.

So without further ado I’d like to introduce you to my posy. 

On the left meet Sargent Dave: Military Monkey seen wearing his medal of honour.  He is my enforcer and main source of motivation. Never have a missed a deadline under the watchful eye of Dave.  Next  you can see Jumper Monster on the right who’s more louche attitude reminds me of freedom of creativity and provides both comfort and solace. He’s also really, really furry. Lastly in the foreground there’s the Rainbow Dinosaur Parade who, frankly, are there just for fun.

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