Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Elys' Top 8 Fish that are Hard to Draw

I had to do some observational drawing at the Sealife Centre for a currently secret book that involves a lot of, well, fish. After an only moderately traumatic outing where multiple children shouted ‘MUMMY THAT LADY IS DRAWING!’ at me I’ve compiled my list of Elys’ Top 8 Fish that are Hard to Draw. It’s a list of 8 because I’ve only got 8 drawings that are fit for the internet.

8 Lionfish: There's just too many bits sticking out of them so I decided this was not a good fish to start with and went to the cafe.
7 Cleaner shrimps: Too many legs. And they're all over the place. It was deeply confusing.
6 Octopus: Too shy. Whenever I position myself by it's tank to draw it would swim off and hide elsewhere.
5 Wolffish: Weird skin. It's texture was a combination of rotting fruit, old people and evil which is apparently impossible to render under pressure with a coloured pencil whilst children point at you.

4 Blue fish who's name I've forgotten: They were just..so..boring. They didn't move so I wandered off.
3 Spider Crab: It's face was simply crazy.
2 Rays: They don't stop moving and are pretty flat. I was drawing them side on for a while and came out with a lot of single grey lines.
1 Loggerhead Turtles: They have a sense of melancholy about them and I couldn't figure out which colour expressed that best. So I just used brown.

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