Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Clockwork Dragon: Designing the Kingdom of Rodney

2 days to go until until The Clockwork Dragon is out! To celebrate I’ve created a full colour map of 'The Kingdom of Rodney' where the book takes place.

A big part of the brief was to create a detailed, believable world for the story to take place in. Author Jonathan Emmett and I spend a long time working out the geography of Rodney, the layout of 'Cranktown' and the style of architecture. Actually a lot of the buildings are heavily based on a trip I took to Bavaria to see this insane castle http://bit.ly/1F1tyAE called Neuschwanstein.

Jonathan has even written a full blown visitor's guide to the The Kingdom of Rodney here.

Oh, and you can buy the book here!

Working out the layout of 'Cranktown' in relation to the castle.
Lizzie's Armourer's shop, my favourite building.
Early design of the shop.

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