Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Clockwork Dragon: Dragon Design

Next up in 'The Making of The Clockwork Dragon' is Dragon Design. This was tricky.

My original design for the clockwork dragon (see below) was a bit too finished looking. The story says that the two kids pretty much
built it overnight out of bits of scavenged armour so maybe it would be a good idea to see some of that armour in the dragon? So for the sake of research I went to the Herstmonceux Medieval Fair (never have I seen so much mead in one place) where there was no end of reenactors strutting out in armour for me to draw.

Armed with my new found knowledge I added a lot more knives to the dragon and I think it was much improved.

Flamethrottle, the villain of the piece, was a lot easier. I wanted him to look like he'd let himself go a bit and stopped going to the gym, wasn't a frequent bather and if he spoke he'd have the voice of Alan Rickman. I can only hope I've achieved all those things. 

You can buy The Clockwork Dragon here.

The finished Clockwork Dragon from the book.
The first design for the Clockwork Dragon.
A page from my sketch of observation drawings of slightly mad reenactors.
The final design for the Clockwork Dragon.
The finished Flamethrottle from the book.
My first sketch of Flamethrottle.

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